How Gary and Margaret saved over $80,000 with settlements.

Creditor Account Balance Settlement Amount Client Savings Details
Capital One $5,250.76 $2,100.00 $3,150.76 View
Wells Fargo $10,033.44 $4,013.40 $6,020.04 View
Citibank $41,909.95 $8,380.98 $33,528.97 View
Bank of America $2,239.93 $930.00 $1,309.93 View
US Bank $27900.63 $11,160.24 $16,740.39 View
Bank of America $7893.13 $2,800.00 $5,093.13 View
Capital One $25564.83 $10,226.00 $15,338.83 View
Totals $120,792.67 $39,610.62 $81,182.05

Both Gary and Margaret were managers for a large supermarket chain. During the last 15 years Gary had been supplementing the family income by delivering newspapers.

However, over the years of working long hours and more than one job, Gary’s vision started to deteriorate and eventually resulted in rising medical costs and the loss of his employment. The family income had been reduced dramatically to a pension and two social security checks. Moreover, a number of large unforeseen home repairs really pushed this struggling family over the edge. With credit card minimum payments approaching $3000.00 per month and a fairly high mortgage payment both Gary and Margaret knew they needed help and bankruptcy wasn’t the answer.