Amy is so happy to have saved thousands! (Aug, 2016)

Bob K

“Our experience working with TFF was life changing and their execution of negotiating our debt was almost flawless. We entered the program with over $60K in debt and were told it would take 4-6 years. 2.5 years later all our accounts have been settled for less than 45% with less than a year until our last payment. So not only did they deliver with great customer service, we paid off our debt sooner than expected and couldn’t be more excited about our future. Have faith, not fear. 💸”

Ann (Jul, 2013)

Brenda (Apr, 2013)

Carl Speaks about “The Best Thing He Ever Did” (Jul, 2014)

Chace P

“I started out not know what I was going to do. The day came and I called in and talked with a guy named Joseph. We started off as buisness and now I feel as if I can call him my friend. Joseph and his entire staff are great to work with. Thank you Thank you Thank you”

Carmen (Mar, 2013)

Christopher N

“Outstanding customer service from a team who cares. After years of living under a mountain of debt, I finally have peace of mind and the freedom to save, to build financial health. TFF has not only allowed me to save and live comfortably once more, they have cut my debt to a fraction of what it was by negotiating away outrageous fees and interest rates designed to keep us trapped in endless cycles of paying back old debts that never seem to shrink.”

Derrick H

“Great company!! I’ve been working with total financial freedom for the last 6 months and they’ve managed to get a few of my debts settled and paid off. I like that they communicate with me and let me know the progress of everything that is going on!! Would recommend to everybody anyday!!”

Duc N (Oct, 2020)

“They Are The Best Financial Freedom LLC So Far I’ve Been Through With Them They’ve Been Getting My Depts Done”

Elizabeth J

“Positive, kind, easy to talk to and so helpful! I highly recommend TFF. Incredible service, personal and genuinely care about helping me resolve my financial needs, and attain a level of financial freedom that I thought would take much longer. I am amazed at how quickly my financial concerns have been & are being resolved!!”

Ium C

“Great company have patience and they will get the job done!!!”

Jèanne C

“Has literally saved my financial life. After several hardships, my debt was spinning out of control They are very thorough and communication is good. They always understood my needs. I’m almost done”

Jessica H

“Have nothing but great things to say. I called after realizing I couldn’t get out of the awful debt cycle. They’ve been super helpful and kind (I was so nervous to call). They answer all my questions and can tell they are really working for me. I recommend them to anyone who is looking for help. This people here are great!! Thank you so much!!”

Jo L

“I can’t say enough great things about this company and the staff. They save you thousands of dollars. Don’t panic just give them a call”

John P

“With a monthly payment roughly equal to the amount of my minimum card payments (which were getting me nowhere) Total Financial Freedom got my debts settled and paid off in around 2 years time. When I started the program I owed about $10,000. Now that’s gone.”

Johnny (Feb, 2013)

Matt S

“I am nearly done with the program at TFF and I have had only positive experiences with them. The entire staff has been responsive to my concerns and offered helpful advice. There is no way I could have done this on my own. There is light at the end of the tunnel!”

Melanie J

“The entire staff at TFF have been extremely successful at resolving my debt. In addition, since my husband’s death they have been very responsive to my needs and this was very reassuring to me through what has been a very difficult time.”

Nancy D

“TFF were very easy to work with, & they settled our accounts for a fraction of what they would have cost us otherwise. Representatives were professional and helpful. We will use them again if we ever need to. We highly recommend them!”

Penny P

“This is the best company you could ever work with to get your credit card balance down. They explained every step of the process so clearly to me that I was very comfortable putting my financial needs in their hands. Through the whole process of lowering my credit card debt to less than half what I owed they were there every time I needed them on a telephone easing my worries and fears. It’s a great team with great work ethics. Great results thank you.”


“Very friendly, and helpful. They help you get out of debt fast and (unlike bankruptcy) it doesn’t hurt your credit score and all your information is private! They deal with everything for you and make it easy to save money and to finally achieve financial freedom!”

Rebecca S

Such and easy company to deal with …. super friendly, amazing customer service!! If you have questions they take the time to not just answer but explain your options … I highly 5 STAR ⭐️ ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ recommend if you’re in debt!’

Residentura F

“TFFUSA was a Godsend for me. They showed me the path to being debt-free. I am nearly finished with the program and I can only say that if you’re like millions of Americans in debt for whatever reason, you need to get with TFFUSA immediately. Very helpful staff and you will not be left guessing what’s next; they tell you how it works and provide you your target date, etc. Just follow their program and watch your debt drop and credit score grow. You cannot go wrong. They actually saved my career.”

Ronnie H

“this company has helped me so much. just when I thought there was no luck in getting back on my feet. they helped me get back to where I need to be. the people who work there explained things to where I could understand and they were very professional.they have made my life a lot easier and I would recommend them to anyone.”

Sergio C

“I am so glad to have contacted TFF , they have been very helpful and professional and my debt continues to fizzle away under their know how, I greatly recommend them to anyone.”